Haringstad is founded in 1995, in the city of Enkhuizen. With the main goal of making Open Source software more known. Upto today, the founder of Haringstad is working with, and spreading Open Source Software. With helping others, free of charge,

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Haringstad ensures that Open Source gets usable by human beings!


As a user of Subsurface, an advanced dive logging programme with extensive infrastructure to describe, organise, interpret and print scuba and free dives, you want to be able to use the software. A good manual helps! Find the manual here:

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You want to have a fast, device independent and responsive website? We can make sure that you contact the right web-developers! There are already some sites up and running! Check out one of the sites that have been build by the developers by hitting the button below!

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Do you own a Samsung Galaxy SIII? And tired of the bloatware that Samsung puts on your phone? And you want to be mastering your phone yourself? Then CarbonRom is something for you to try! This rom enables you to take full control over your device!

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